What is wisdom tooth?

Why should we remove wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth are the last of adult tooth to appear in the mouth. These teeth usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25. Most people have four wisdom teeth at the back of the mouth – two on the top, two on the bottom. Sometimes a wisdom tooth becomes stuck below the surface of your gums (impacted), and grows at an odd angle, possibly causing complications. Impacted wisdom tooth that cause pain or other dental complications are usually removed. Some dentists and oral surgeons also recommend removing impacted wisdom tooth that don't cause symptoms to prevent future problems.

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Is wisdom tooth removal dangerous?

Thanks to today technology, wisdom tooth extraction process is considered minor surgery. You should choose a reputable medical facility with qualified doctors and modern equipment

At Camtu Dental, your dental X-ray is taken to determine how difficult the extraction will be. Through the image, the doctor will also have a look at the position of nerves, blood vessels…to make a diagnosis so that the removal is less painful.

After the surgery, your mouth may swell for a few days but this is just a normal response of your body. The doctor will prescribe more pain relievers to speed up the healing process.


What to expect after wisdom tooth extraction?

After the extraction, your doctor will guide you on how to care for the wound to heal quickly and protect your health. Here are some notes:

  • Bite the gauze pad firmly for 15-20 minutes until the bleeding stops. Do not keep it for too long because the gauze pad also draws fluid from the wound making it heal longer.
  • Ice packs should be applied to the sides of the face where the surgery was performed. However, you should only be applied when the pain is too much to handle.
  • Do not brush the area where the teeth have just extracted, you should only rinse your mouth with a specialized antibacterial mouthwash. Rinse gently so the wound won’t bust open. Consult with your doctor to choose the right mouthwash.
  • Take the medication as prescribed to help the wound heal faster.
  • Think of food that will be east to eat without much chewing and food that won’t disrupt your blood clot or stiches.
  • Don’t touch the extraction area with your hands or tongue, it may cause infection and bleeding.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, beer and soft drinks or smoke withing 24 hours after the surgery.

All the information above is all you need to know about wisdom tooth removal. If you need further consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us via our hotline or register to meet our dentists at the nearest Camtu Dental clinic.

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