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Vietnamese Dental Clinic, Global Standards

Making dental care a compassionate experience for patients from all around the world. Real-world implementation of our dental solution is solidified by our dedication to authenticity, transparency, and the utilization of digital dentistry.

One time treatment, lifetime use

Minimize all waste - environment, travel time & cost

It's not just a treatment, it's a health care experience

Prevent post-treatment side effects & adjustments

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Values We Strive


Aesthetics & Functional

Providing dental care to everyone with dedication and concern for real results. We care about the authenticity of the teeth not only the realistic detail but also lifelong eating experience.


The Technology Matters

Priorities applicability, quality and time by constantly investing in with cutting-edge technology, methods, and industrial equipment, as well as our dentists and team of doctors.


Quality, Not Quantity

Don't chase after numbers, but instead strive to provide outstanding transformation experience to each individual so that you may confidently refer your loved ones to the clinic.


Socially Responsible

Become a long-term, environmentally conscious enterprise. Strive to maintain this value in all clinic activities.

Implant Digital Precision

X-Guide is a dynamic 3D navigation system that provides real-time interactive guidance of placement position during implant. It acts similarly to a super GPS for doctors. 3D CTCB scan, treatment planning, and perform the operation within as few as one single visit There will be no delay in creating a surgical template.

Allows for real-time direct visualization of the surgical site, even in patients with limited mouth opening. When compared to other dynamic systems tested in models, it is four times more accurate, and it is incomparable to freehand implant placement.
This means eliminating a long list of post-procedure side effects for patients, removing unnecessary pain, and completing the entire treatment plan within two appointments.

Looking for a teeth reconstruction for you or your loved ones?

Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment

3D Cone Beam CT Scan

We provide coordinated dental implant operations at Wright Dental Center by utilizing specialized 3D scan. Cone beam technology is applied in these advanced CT scans to provide a three-dimensional representation of your teeth, bones, nerves, and even sinus cavities. This enables us to get a complete overview of your case, significantly simplifying the process of getting dental implants.

These scans are used to direct our implant procedure, preventing any uncertainty. This results in a faster treatment time for you and higher accuracy implant placement for our doctors. We can also identify future difficulties and correct them early. This extends the life of your dental implants even further.

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