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Children Dental Care Pricing

Cam Tu believes that providing transparency for our customers is essential. Our pricing, in addition to the services and treatments, includes access to our caring experience, high-end industrial technology, and highly experienced specialists/doctor involvement in procedures and post-monitoring.
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Price List

Type of ServiceListed Price
Baby-Tooth Extraction (No Anesthesia)100,000đ
Fluoride Treatment For 1 - 5 Teeth200,000đ
Fluoride Treatment For 5 - 10 Teeth400,000đ
Full Fluoride Treatment600,000đ
Baby-Tooth Fillings I, II, IV, Sealant200,000đ / Tooth
Baby-Tooth Fillings III300,000đ / Tooth
Baby-Tooth Extraction (With Anesthesia)150,000đ / Tooth
Root Canal Treatment 1 (Tooth 1 - Tooth 3)500,000đ / Tooth
Root Canal Treatment 2 (Tooth 4 - Tooth 5)1,000,000đ / Tooth
Our list has been updated on 17/03/2024. All prices can be used for reference and are subject to little changes.

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We Got Solution To Every Dental Problem

The standard medical treatment is now blended into Camtu Experience. Not only will your dental problems be eliminated, but you will also be cared for, with progress monitored and perfection guaranteed at every step.


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