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Fixed & Removable Dentures Pricing

Cam Tu believes that providing transparency for our customers is essential. Our pricing, in addition to the services and treatments, includes access to our caring experience, high-end industrial technology, and highly experienced specialists/doctor involvement in procedures and post-monitoring.
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Price List

Dental Examination & Consultation


You will be assigned to one of our doctors for an initial analysis. The doctor will evaluate your current dental condition and recommend a suitable treatment plan for you.


Inlay/onlay fillings are leading the current cosmetic dental filling demand. Prefabricated fillings are used in inlay fillings to fit into the position of decaying or damaged teeth. Onlay fillings, on the other hand, cover two or more tooth surfaces at the same time.

Composite Inlay, Onlay

1 year Warranty

$40 / Tooth

They are composed of powdered glass and plastic resin and are intended to resemble the original tooth as accurately as possible. Many people are getting their old fillings removed and replaced with composite fillings since they are virtually unnoticeable.

Ceramic Inlay, Onlay

2 year Warranty

$250 / Tooth

Ceramic fillings, which are typically constructed of porcelain, are less likely to discolor over time than composite fillings. Ceramic fillings are strong and endure for at least 15 years, so while they are more expensive, they are a smart investment.



Denture Frame is a semi-removable prosthesis with a metal frame as the major component; the complete alloy structure of the frame (hook, saddle, connecting rod) is cast together into one block. The replacement tooth is connected to an acrylic resin prosthetic saddle.

Titan Frame

$210 / Frame

Removable Teeth On Frame​

1 year Warranty

$15-$40 / Tooth


This is a variation of denture paired with brackets that are attached to the remaining natural teeth to support stability of the jaw.

Removable Plastic Denture - Excellent

2 year Warranty

$15-$40 / Tooth

Biosoft (Soft)

1 year Warranty

$80-$340 / Jaw

Biosoft (Tempered)

5 year Warranty

$850 / Jaw


This is a variation of denture paired with brackets that are attached to the remaining natural teeth to support stability of the jaw.

Excellent Full Denture

2 year Warranty


Super 1 (Anti-fracture Gold Mesh)

3 year Warranty


Super 2 (Gold Mesh & Strength Cushion)

5 year Warranty


Our list has been updated on 26/10/2022. All USD prices can be used for reference and subject to little changes.

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The standard medical treatment is now blended into Camtu Experience. Not only will your dental problems be eliminated, but you will also be cared for, with progress monitored and perfection guaranteed at every step.


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