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Minor Dental Surgery Pricing

Cam Tu believes that providing transparency for our customers is essential. Our pricing, in addition to the services and treatments, includes access to our caring experience, high-end industrial technology, and highly experienced specialists/doctor involvement in procedures and post-monitoring.
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Price List

Dental Examination & Consultation


You will be assigned to one of our doctors for an initial analysis. The doctor will evaluate your current dental condition and recommend a suitable treatment plan for you.

Multi-Rooted Tooth Extraction

$60-$100 / Tooth

Traditional tooth extraction usually involves compressing the alveolar bone. Because the alveolar cortex can no longer support the tooth framework, bone cannot regenerate into the alveolar bone. Dental surgery is an elevated operation that treats dental problems fully while minimizing consequences.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

$100-$190 / Tooth

Wisdom teeth are the common name for the 8th teeth, also known as third molars, that typically arrive on your jaw after the age of 16. Wisdom teeth should be extracted by maxillofacial dentistry specialists, especially if they are trapped or develop underneath.

Apicoectomy (Level 1)

$100 / Tooth

Apical surgery is performed when the tissues surrounding the apex become infected. This procedure will limit tooth extraction while also ensuring the health of the remaining teeth on the jaw.

Apicoectomy (Level 2)

$190 / Tooth

The apex is at the tip of the tooth root, deep within the jawbone. If the tooth apex is damaged, it can create edema, which can cause inflammation, damage to the inside of the tooth, pulp death, root infection, shattered teeth, and even tooth loss. At this moment, trimming the tip of the tooth will be the greatest option to avoid extraction. During root canal treatment, clipping the apex will remove all of the infected tooth apex as well as the remaining canal.

Gingivectomy (Gum Contouring)


Gum trimming exposes the crown of the tooth, making it appear longer and overcoming the problems of exposed gums when smiling. The dentist will undertake a dissection, or operations, to reveal more of the tooth's crown. This is a straightforward, minimally invasive method. The customer is sedated during the process, thus there is almost no pain. When the anesthetic wears off after surgery, the pain medicine provided by the doctor will help you feel more at ease. After 2-3 days, you can resume normal eating and drinking.
Our list has been updated on 26/10/2022. All USD prices can be used for reference and subject to little changes.

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